LeafCann Receives ODC Import Licence


LeafCann, one of Australia’s first medicinal cannabis companies that has since drifted into obscurity, has announced they have received an Import Licence from the ODC.

As part of their announcement, LeafCann stated they will will also be distributing a high-quality, EU-GMP certified medicinal cannabis supplied by Canadian company The Green Organic Dutchman (TGOD).

However, a quick search for TGOD’s EU-GMP Certificate shows that they are not certified to supply finished product to Australia – rather “Cannabis Extract 5% THC Cannabis flowers and Cannabis Extract 5% THC are imported as a drug product for the use as recipe starting material for pharmacies.”

Compare this to MGC Pharma’s EU-GMP Certificate, which doesn’t contain these restrictions.

LeafCann CEO, Elisabetta Faenza, said: “The import licence is another win for the company and brings us another step closer to filling the void in the current market which needs reliable high-quality medicinal cannabis.”

This is also misleading – as it implies that there are no high-quality (ie EU-GMP certified) products currently on the market. However several companies, including domestic supplier Little Green Pharma and ASX-listed MGC Pharma, are both supplying increasingly affordable and GMP-certified products.

This puts LeafCann alongside quite a few medicinal cannabis suppliers in Australia that mislead patients and doctors with claims of supplying GMP certified products. Recently, the TGA released testing results from 22 products on the market in Australia – with several failing compliance.

In Australia, companies currently are only really competing on price and continuation of supply, however quality is becoming increasingly important to patients and doctors – and it is only those that can actually supply high-quality medications expected by the medical community that will survive long-term.

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