Asterion collaborates with UQ on research of clonal propagation of cannabis plants.


Asterion Cannabis Inc, a Vancouver based medicinal cannabis company, has signed an agreement between its Australian subsidiary and the University of Queensland for an 18-month, ‘proof-of-concept’ program for the clonal propagation of cannabis plants.

The non-binding agreement will establish a “proprietary, genetically stable, repeatable, high yield tissue” propagation procedure for a number of cannabis strains.

The research, to be spearheaded by UQ’s Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation, will speed up clonal propagation. Clonal propagation refers to the process of reproduction by multiplication of genetically identical copies of individual plants. The program is expected to result in the development of a proof-of-concept.

Asterion is planning on building a 90 hectare cultivation, research and manufacturing facility in Southern Queensland. The intended commercial outcome of the research at UQ is to provide a pathogen-free source of stable genetics, eliminating the need for mothers and manual cloning procedures. The intellectual property generated through the Program will be wholly-owned by Asterion, creating a suite of technologies and procedures necessary for large scale cannabis facilities.

The company’s production facility will be developed in three stages. The first two stages will each consist of a 10 hectare (25 acre) greenhouse facility while the final stage will be devoted to the completion of two 10 hectare greenhouse facilities.

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Blaise Bratter
Blaise Bratter is the Chief Contributor to CannabisIntel. Being involved in the Australian cannabis industry since legalisation in 2016, he is now Operations Manager for ASX listed company MGC Pharmaceuticals.

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