Medicinal cannabis suppositories aren’t a joke for everyone.


Cannabis suppositories are becoming a popular method to treat digestive and urinary issues.

In the world of pharmaceuticals, a doctor will hesitate to prescribe the smoking of medicinal cannabis. Therefore, cannabis companies have been exploring various delivery methods, including oils, patches, vapes, and yes – suppositories.

Suppositories seem promising for several reasons. They work quickly, have a high absorption rate, quickly providing relief to patients.

Also, it is an effective way to diminish the psychoactive side-effects of THC – so patients that need high doses of THC find that suppositories help mitigate the “high” associated with it.

THC is processed in the liver before traveling to the brain to induce psychoactive effects. When smoked, it travels through the lungs and into the liver, and when taken orally it gets there by ingestion.

When administered as a suppository, the active ingredients enter the bloodstream through the cell walls and is quickly distributed through the body, bypassing the liver altogether.

Therefore, medicinal cannabis suppositories allow for larger doses with a much lower psychoactive side effect.

As one would expect suppositories are usually patients last choice for a delivery method. However there are situations where they make the perfect choice, including patients who cannot swallow, such as those who have experienced a stroke or other diseases such as, Parkinson’s, ALS, or multiple sclerosis. They can also be beneficial for patients suffering from chemo-induced nausea and vomiting, who find it hard to hold stuff down.

Lastly, suppositories may provide higher efficacy rates for people suffering from illnesses such as Crohn’s, colitis or endometriosis.


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Blaise Bratter
Blaise Bratter is the Chief Contributor to CannabisIntel. Being involved in the Australian cannabis industry since legalisation in 2016, he is now Operations Manager for ASX listed company MGC Pharmaceuticals.

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